Some Links For a Productive Writing Week

Writers getting busy at a BSU write-in.

It’s another week in the lives of our NaNoWriMo novels. They’ve existed for roughly 11 days and if you’re like me, it’s like a relationship. The rush of and excitement of newness has faded and now it’s time to deal with the reality of who these novels and these character really are.

Here are some links that might aid in our quixotic quests:

Apparently it’s National Short Story Week in The UK. BluePrintReview offers more on that here. So, in honor of that here’s a link to one of my favorite short stories, Alice Walker’s The Flowers.

The Guardian tells us how to write a novel in six easy stages.

At 78, novelist Philip Roth has decided that he is no longer writing or reading novels.

Want to make sure your characters are psychologically accurate? Well, here’s The Fiction Writer’s Guide to Psychology.

Is the Great American Novel still relevant?

Twitter is a good place to connect with like-minded writers sprinting down the path to 50,000 or folks just writing as a daily thing. Search the hastags #amwriting and #nanowrimo to get a sampling of the struggles that the writers all over are going through that day. Behind in your word count and need to clock words to catch up? Find writers doing word sprints at @nanowordsprints and the hashtag #nanowordsprints. Also, there’s the official @nanowrimo Twitter page.

An interview with some NaNoWriMo novelists on the road to 50,000.

Third Annual Dzanc Books/Guernica International Literature Award is now open for entries.

Stuck for ideas? Turn on the news, pick up the newspaper. I guarantee you’ll find something to work into your novel. For example, these two rappers recorded a song in a Laurel studio and then came back and robbed the place. You have a creative mind. You can do something with that!

Happy week of writing!


Bowie State’s NaNoWriMo write-ins take place every Thursday (with the exception of Thanksgiving) on Bowie State University’s campus (14000 Jericho Park Road, Bowie, MD 20715-9465) in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Building from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. All are welcome.


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